The Winner:

The Norwegian ensemble Cikada was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize 2005.

Cikada is known far beyond the borders of Norway for its repertoire, consisting partly of Nordic and partly of international contemporary music.

Among Nordic composers with whom Cikada has co-operated are Rolf Wallin, Arne Nordheim, Cecilie Ore, Kaija Saariaho, Anders Nilsson and Magnus Lindberg. The concert programme also often includes works by Iannis Xenakis, Luigi Nono, Morton Feldman and John Cage.

Cikada was founded in 1989 and consists of nine musicians under the leadership of the conductor Christian Eggen. Under the Cikada banner there are three connected yet autonomous groups: Cikada Ensemble, Cikada String Quartet and Cikada Duo.

Their joint aim is to promote the newest instrumental music and at the same time to integrate electro-acoustic works into the repertoire. The Nordic Council Music Prize is worth 350,000 Danish kroner and was presented during the Nordic Council Session Reykjavik on 26 October 2005.

The Nominees:



  • Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
  • Axelsson & Nilsson Duo


  • BIT 20
  • Cikada


  • Caput
  • Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra


  • Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen
  • LINensemble


  • Zagros
  • Avanti

The Faroe Islands: