The Winner:

The Danish composer Peter Bruun for the opera 'Miki Alone'.

'Miki Alone' is new musical drama about a modern woman's life. The opera, with libretto by Ursula Andkjær Olsen, won the major Nordic music prize in competition with this year's other 11 nominations. The nominees for this year were chosen from musicals and musical dramas. The adjudication committee gave the following reasons for its choice of winner:

"This year the Nordic Council Music Prize is awarded to a work by a living composer and has been chosen on the theme of musical/musical drama. The nominations have varied from musical, rock opera and musical drama to children's and chamber opera. The adjudication committee has borne in mind that the statutes for the music prize require that the work, as well as meeting high artistic standards, must be innovative within its genre.

The work, with the subtitle 'Seven songs for a Mad Woman', is a musical drama for chamber ensemble and soprano.

In a superior interplay between text and music the listener has the sensation of both humour and charm, while being simultaneously touched and seduced. The piece is carried forward by a rhythmic pulse with a tone language which is sometimes modern and experimental, sometimes 'Tom Waits', sometimes Nordic with folk music signatures, but always equally thrilling in its expression. We also want to emphasise the integration of Peter Bruun's beautiful and singable melodies with Ursula Andkjær Olsen's powerful texts. Neither part ever feels superfluous.

The use of the clarinet, viola, double bass and percussion in this little chamber ensemble is very innovative. The fact that this year's music prize goes to 'Miki Alone' is a manifestation that the most innovative musical drama is often found in chamber format, initiated and performed by small, specialised ensembles."


The Nominees:


  • "Miki Alone" 2002, opera/musical theatre
    Music: Peter Bruun. Libretto: Ursula Andkjær Olsen
  • Dr. Dantes Gasolin Theatre Concert, 1994
    Music & libretto: Kim Larsen / Gasolin. Arranged by: Kåre Bjerkø.


  • "Hui Kauhistus" (One Spooky Night), 2006, opera for the whole family
    Music: Jukka Linkola. Libretto: Sami Parkkinen, based on material by Mauri Kunnas
  • "Patukkaooppera", 2007, musical
    Music: Iiro Rantala. Song lyrics: Heikki Salo. Manuscript and production: Sirkku Peltola.

The Faroe Islands:

  • "Investigations of a dog", 2007, musical theatre/multimedia
    Music: Tróndur Bogason. Based on Kafka's book "Investigations of a dog".


  • "Skuggaleikur" (Shadow Play), 2006, opera
    Music: Karólína Eiríksdóttir. Libretto: Sjón. Based on H.C. Andersen's "The Shadow"
  • "Stúlkan í turninum" (The Girl in the Tower), 2005, work for chamber orchestra and narrator
    Music: Snorri Sigfús Birgisson


  • "An-Magritt", 1986/2004, musical
    Music: Henning Sommerro. Manuscript and song lyrics: freely based on Johan Falkberget's novel "Bread of Night".
  • "Martin L", 2008, musical
    Music: Gisle Kverndokk. Libretto: Øystein Wiik


  • "Kristina from Duvemåla", 1995, musical
    Music: Benny Andersson. Text: Björn Ulvaeus
  • "The Princess in the Clogs", 2007, musical theatre
    Music: Jonas Forssell. Libretto: Maria Sundqvist


  • "Nostradamus", 2001, rock opera
    Music: Nikolo Kotzev. Text: Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Huges, Göran Edman, Doogie White, Jörn Lande.