Mats Gustafsson  (se)

composer & saxophone


Mats Gustafsson (1964) has long been an international name in improvised music and is now honoured with the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize 2011. This is what the Adjudicating Committee had to say: "For over two decades Mats Gustafsson has been one of the big names in improvised music. With his innovative saxophone playing he is constantly bursting the limits of the musical genres that we need to assign to music we have not met before. Whether he is working in the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet's avant-garde world, or in the more punk-oriented trio, The Thing, Mats is present with an uncompromising expression, a total presence, a striking energy and a high degree of sensitivity for his fellow musicians. Mats does not just renew the saxophone expression, he reinvents it and creates new worlds of music between the tones and behind the noise. Mats' concerts are just as extensive and incalculable as his huge record production which consists of more than 200 titles. We recommend that you open your hearts and let yourself be enchanted by Mats Gustafsson's musical universe".

In English

Mats Gustafsson plays saxophone and live electronic music. He works with composition/free improvisation/experimental music/noise/jazz and creative rock music on the international stage and has over 2000 international concerts and 200 record productions behind him. Mats has a worldwide reputation within extended techniques on the sax and is reviewed every year in the magazine Down Beat. Among Mats’ interdisciplinary collaborations one can mention Sonic Youth, Peter Brötzmann, Jim O’Rourke, Otomo Yoshihide, Bob Hund, Merzbow, Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark and his own groups The Thing, swedish azz and FIRE! Mats Gustafsson has worked on many cutting edge projects with artists such as Clay Ketter, Olle Bonnier, Lars Tunbjörk and sound artists Christina Kubisch and Leif Elggren to name some as well as a number of intermedial art forms involving dance and performance

På dansk

Mats Gustafsson spelar saxofon och live-elektronik. Han arbetar med komposition/fri improvisation/experimentmusik/noise/jazz och kreativ rockmusik på den internationella scenen och har drygt 2000 internationella konserter och 200 skivproduktioner bakom sig. Mats är ett världsnamn inom så kallad extended techniques på sax och är årligen omnämnd i tidningen Down Beats omröstningar. Bland Mats gränsöverskridande samarbeten kan nämnas Sonic Youth, Peter Brötzmann, Jim O'Rourke, Otomo Yoshihide, Bob Hund, Merzbow, Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark samt de egna grupperna The Thing, swedish azz och FIRE! Mats Gustafsson har gjort mängder av cutting edge samarbetsprojekt med bildkonstnärer som Clay Ketter, Olle Bonnier, Lars Tunbjörk och ljudkonstnärerna Christina Kubisch och Leif Elggren för att lyfta fram några, samt en rad intermediala konstformer som involverar dans och performance.