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Anna Thorvaldsdóttir (1977) has an international reputation for new musical compositions and has now been honoured with the Nordic Council's prestigious Music Prize 2012. This is what the Adjudicating Committee had to say: "Dreaming opens the sphere of the symphony orchestra in an unusual and innovative way. The beginning and end of the work flow freely without time signature, creating a cyclic understanding of time invoking superstition and symbolism of nature that can be found in Nordic mythology. The music behaves like a shifting landscape, bringing an experience of chronological time to halt - like in dreams. In the old Norse sagas dreams allow humans to enter into dialogue with nature. In dreams, other languages and other senses are valid. Dreams connect night and day, light and darkness, and it is in the vision of dreams that people learn about death. The music in Dreaming is sensual and calm, but it can also surprise and be powerful and brutal. With Dreaming Anna Thorvaldsdóttir has written herself into a contemporary Nordic orchestra tradition which derives its timbres both from electronic music and from the sounds of nature inherent in Nordic folk music. The tones are carefully depicted - almost like small pieces of embroidery. But the work is perhaps particularly unique by the way it achieves to build and unfold a large form within a sound world that apparently stands still. This work comes closer with every listening, and it makes you curious for more".

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Composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir has a passion for working with large sonic structures and her music tends to portray a flowing world of sounds with an enigmatic lyrical atmosphere. Anna’s music is frequently performed in Europe and the US and her works have been nominated and awarded on several occasions, e.g. at the Icelandic Music Awards, Prix Europa, for the annual International Rostrum of Composers and at the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition. She holds an MA and a PhD degree from the University of California in San Diego. Anna’s portrait album – Rhízōma, which includes Dreaming for orchestra – was released October 25th 2011 through American label Innova Recordings and has been very well received

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Komponisten Anna Thorvaldsdottir har en passion for at arbejde med omfattende soniske strukturer, og hendes musik stræber efter at skabe en flydende verden af lyde med en gådefuld, lyrisk atmosfære. Annas musik opføres jævnligt i Europa og USA, og hendes værker er blevet nomineret og præmieret ved flere lejligheder, eksempelvis ved Icelandic Music Awards, Prix Europa og den årlige International Rostrum of Composers. Hun har desuden fået International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition. Hun har en MA og en ph.d.-grad fra University of California i San Diego. Albummet Rhízōma, som inkluderer Dreaming for orkester, blev udgivet den 25. oktober 2011 på det amerikanske pladeselskab Innova Recordings, og er blevet særdeles godt modtaget