Svante Henryson (SE)

Bassist, cellist and composer


The Swedish cellist, bass player and composer Svante Henryson has applied his unique creativity and virtuosity to a range of genres during what has been a fascinating and varied career. He started out playing double bass in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, went on to play bass in Yngwie Malmsten’s rock band and then embarked on a highly personal exploration of classical cello music. Although now just as much a composer as a musician, with an output encompassing everything from works based on Sámi poetry from the North of Norway to solo violin sonatas, Henryson and his three instruments remain in great demand among the cognoscenti on the jazz and classical scenes.

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Bassist and composer
Svante Henryson (1963–) was a young rock bassist in Umeå who chose to go down the jazz path. His obvious talent – and some robust training – landed him the role of solo bassist in Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. But Svante Henryson wanted more. He took his electric bass to the United States and joined guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen’s rock band – to which he also brought a cello. Renowned as a leading Nordic bassist, participating in a variety of collaborations that cross genres and national borders, Svante Henryson has now also made a name for himself as charismatic solo cellist and chamber musician. These days, he is much sought after by musicians such as Martin Fröst and Anne Sofie von Otter. In recent years, this multi-faceted multi-instrumentalist has enjoyed great success as a composer, including with an award-winning work for solo violin and the oratorio “Vidderna inom mig” (Wide Open Spaces Within Me), set to lyrics by the Sámi poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.

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Bassist og komponist
Svante Henryson (f. 1963) var Umeås unge rockbassist, som valgte at gå jazzens veje. Det åbenlyse talent og en robust uddannelse førte ham til en plads som solobassist i Oslos Filharmoniske orkester. Men Svante Henryson ville videre. Med sin elbas drog han til USA og sluttede sig til guitarlegenden Yngwie Malmsteens rockband, som han desuden udvidede med en cello. Som en af Nordens førende bassister i talrige konstellationer over genre- og landegrænser har Svante Henryson med tiden profileret sig bredt som karismatisk solocellist og kammermusiker og er meget efterspurgt af topmusikere som Martin Fröst og Anne Sofie von Otter. Denne mangefacetterede multimusiker har i de seneste år haft stor succes som komponist og har blandt andet begået et prisbelønnet værk for soloviolin og oratoriet 'Vidderna inom mig' til tekster af Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.