Photo: Sigga Ella

Eivør Pálsdóttir (FO)


The winner

The 2021 Nordic Council Music Prize goes to Eivør Pálsdóttir from the Faroe Islands. Eivør has crafted a unique career since she stepped, almost fully formed, into the music scene in her native country, the Faroe Islands. A naturally gifted musician - with a beautiful singing voice, great guitar skills and an all-encompassing stage presence - Eivør has charmed music lovers the world over. She released her first eponymous album in 2000, a folk/jazz-tinged affair but has tackled a variety of styles since then, touching on noise-rock, country, experimental, classical music, and all out pop-diva material. All these endeavours have been infused with remarkable artistry and integrity.

Eivør’s tireless work-ethic over the past years has cast a spotlight on her home country and she meticulously works with her musical heritage and native language. Eivør is a bona fide “Nordic” artist but has at the same time she managed to carve out a status as an international pop star, travelling around the world with her renowned stage act. A brave and curious artist, she connects with her audience with remarkable ease, tapping into the humane side of all of us with both dignity and grace.

Deeply rooted in the traditional music of her homeland, Eivør has established herself on the international stage as a leading musical artist with an impressive vocal and expressive range.

Regardless of trends, she has always found convincing ways of renewing a traditional musical expression with artistic integrity.

Her wide-ranging vocal abilities and strong stage presence enable her to captivate any audience.

In addition to Eivør’s enormous talent as a live performer, she has proven herself equally successful as a songwriter and producer.

Her audiences have witnessed continuous growth and development in her output ever since she first stepped out onto the music scene as a teenager over two decades ago.