Photo: Hanna Karlsson

Lars Karlsson (AL)

Sju sånger till text av Pär Lagerkvist

The Ålandic composer and musician Lars Karlsson has long been working in Helsinki, where he has also worked as a teacher of scoring, music history, and composition at the Sibelius Academy. His production includes a rich vocal production, orchestral works, chamber music, and solo instrumental works.

Sju sånger till text av Pär Lagerkvist was originally performed in 2012 by baritone Gabriel Suovanen and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, conducted by John Storgårds.


The composer writes: “... I start in the existential anxiety of a young man – Ångest är min arvedel, ending the seven-piece work with Mitt träd är pinjen, where the now mature man goes into the light following a gruelling journey through life. I chose the lyrics based entirely on my planned “journey through life”, but found that the more I approached the lighter texts, Lagerkvist also “became” older. Ångest är min arvedel is a youthful text while Mitt träd är pinjen is the seasoned master.”