Photo: Robin Ekemark

Studio Barnhus (SE)

DJ Collective

Kornél Kovács, Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist have been the most reliable purveyors of quality music on the Swedish club scene for over a decade. Individually, they have built up their own solid artistry revolving around enthusiasm, innovation and richness of detail. Each of them has a sharpness and creativity and an eye for the future just as tireless as their love of house and disco history is clear and deep.

The three producers also form an inseparable unit. As a recording studio, DJ collective and productive record label, they show how a group can be so much more than the sum of its parts. Studio Barnhus shows that the modern ensemble has no need to feel hidebound by tradition. The way their individual careers merge into a single, powerful unit is representative of ground-breaking musical creativity in a new era.